MGMT - Congratulations

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We've been holding off posting about MGMT's new album, ''Congratulations'', for some time now in hope that there might be some actual music to coincide with it. Afraid not. But despite the lack of a single (and there probably wont be) the album is currently available to pre-order (US only) here. The albums artwork has also been a talking point of late with artist Anthony Ausgang producing the cartoonish / sonic the hedgehog style pic above. Seems as though all thats left is the music then. How often is that the case these days?

The album is scheduled for a April 13th release with the track listing looking like this:

1. Its Working
2. Song For Dan Tracey
3. Someone's Missing
4. Flash Delirium
5. I Found A Whistle
6. Siberian Breaks
7. Simon Eno
8. Lady DaDa's Nightmare
9. Congratulations

Check out a live vid for track 9, ''Congratulations'', performed in July 09